Tired of letting heart disease limit and define your life?

Join The ONLY Membership For Heart Disease Warriors Where We Focus Getting Healthy, Building the Life We Truly Want, and Taking Action to THRIVE!




Is This Membership For You?

  • Are you looking to:


    • Have more hope, peace, and joy?
    • Get your nutrition on track?
    • Find a deeper faith?
    • Have more energy again?
    • Finally stick to a plan?
    • Slow the progress of heart disease?
    • Make exercise more consistent?

    • See measurable results?

    • Lose weight the healthy way?

    • Heal your body and mind?

    • And get your life back?!

    If you are truly ready for these things, this is for YOU!


  • This membership for those who are fighting heart disease or are the support person for someone who is.


  • This membership is designed for YOU if you like to do things at your own pace. 


  • If you need support with your emotional, physical and spiritual health, we've got you covered!


  • AND if you are looking to learn and apply knowledge and strategies it took us 18 years to learn by trial and error, you are in the right place! 



About Programs From Underdog Ninja Foundation and Working With Jessica and Javie Madrigal!

This Will Be Different From Any Membership You Have Ever Tried.

"I had a big wake up call, but I now have a sense of clarity in the fact that my choices have a major impact on my health and the health of others. My husband is even on board with the changes I am making and understands this is what’s needed to live a longer, healthier life. I had been so confused and misled by physicians, cardiologists, and the internet. It feels amazing to have a clear sense of direction, along with a plan to fight and hopefully defeat this disease that has burdened my family time and time again. I now have the tools and knowledge of what changes I needed to make, to better my health and to prevent my heart disease from progressing. This was ABSOLUTELY worth the investment. I would highly recommend working with Jessica and her husband. The tools and knowledge they provide have made a difference that I will continue to carry with me. I feel much healthier and content with my lifestyle choices. And, I feel confident that I can and I WILL beat heart disease."

Britainy H.

Syracuse, NY

"Jessica and Javie are incredible. They had so much information to share with me. I just want to personally thank them for being instrumental in the way I look at food. Never been a person who cooked but since I signed up with Jessica and Javie, wow, that is all I can say. What I love about their program first and foremost, they speak about the brain, the mindset, and nutrition and how important it is for our overall well being. I have suffered with high blood pressure and I can see the difference in the machine coming down each time I take it. I love their videos and their support to their community. Their recipes are amazing. One very satisfied individual and I am so glad how much my life has changed because of this program. And now I'm walking 8-11,000 steps daily since I started with them. Now it’s all about staying healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally."

Sharyn W.

Dallas, TX

Why Do You Need This Membership?

And Why Shouldn't You Wait Another Minute To Join?


  • Experienced Coaches You Can Trust Who've Been Where You Are...

    We have been on a rollercoaster health journey over the last 15 years. We know how you feel and want you to succeed! We know what it's like to face your mortality, feel like you aren't sure if you'll EVER find a solution, or be afraid of leaving your family behind and never seeing your kids grow up. Our passion and mission is to come alongside you, be your #1 advocate, and help you overcome heart disease without having to spend a decade figuring it all out!

  • Breakthroughs That Can ONLY Happen In Community...

    Only the right community environment, one that is genuinely cultivated in reciprocity, compassion, and empathy, are real lasting relationships built. And the interactions that occur in that private, safe, and relatable setting create powerful breakthroughs for everyone. Having real support from your health and wellness family is a game changer!


  • ONLY Evidence Based Strategies and Approaches Taught Here...

    You won't find coaching and support here based on guesses or speculation. NOPE. We only teach strategies, knowledge and life changing techniques that have been proven by us, experts, or both. We don't take your health, life, or family for granted and want you to always know you are getting our full consideration in all things we teach here. 


  • You'll Be Getting Everything You Need In One Place...

    We know you need guidance on a how to navigate many areas of your life when it comes to heart disease. Why look all over the internet for help with one at a time when you don't need to? So, here you will find guidance on stress management, nutrition, fitness, friend and family support and even how to overcome this mentally and spiritually. In addition we are always adding more content and looking for new information and resources to serve you!




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