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  • Heart Healthy Nutrition Plan

    Whole foods plant based menu plan full of micronutrients and minerals that heal the body and support plant based nutrition for heart disease.

  • Plan, Prep, Recipes, & Shopping List

    Includes a full 7 days of meal planning, food prep, recipes with instructions, and a full grocery shopping list of everything you'll need for 7 days.

  • Digital and Printer Friendly

    Downloadable 17 page full color digital PDF that is simple to follow! Print or view on any mobile device.

  • Heart Healthy Guide

    Full guide to changing your perspective on overcoming heart disease through a heart healthy diet, fitness for heart disease, and the right mindset.

  • Tips, Food & Fitness Guide, & Recipes

    Includes building blocks for success, complete food guide, sample menus, recipes with instructions, sample exercises, tips for families, and MORE!

  • Digital and Printer Friendly

    Downloadable 36 page full color digital PDF that is simple to follow! Print or view on any mobile device.




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